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To report a student(s) absence, please call 269-781-1337, this line is for attendance calls only, this line is not answered throughout the day, and messages will only be retrieved at the end of the day.

If your student needs to leave early - please send in a note with your student to be turned into the office first thing in the morning. A pass to leave class at the requested time will be given to your student. This will eliminate the office from having to interrupt class to contact your student and guarantee them leaving on time. 

When a student arrives late or leaves the school day early, all students/parents must sign in or sign out in the main office on the computer located on Mrs. Mathieu's counter.  


If you know in advance that you will be taking your student on a vacation or family trip, have your student stop in the office to pick up a Vacation Form. The form must be completed and turned into the office 2 weeks prior to the trip.

When a student arrives late or leaves the school day early, all students/parents must sign in or sign out in the main office on the computer located on Mrs. Mathieu's counter. If a student fails to do so, their absence will be an unexcused absence. We want to work with parents and guardians as a team to help keep students in school doing their best since we all play an important part in the educational process.

­Valid/Lawful School Absences: Illness with a doctor’s excuse, doctor appointment with a doctor’s excuse/appointment slip, religious holiday’s or extreme family emergencies.

­Invalid/Unlawful School Absences: Overslept; missed bus or suspended from bus; child not immunized; needed student to help at home/babysit; too tired; travel/vacation or weather.

Chronic absenteeism threatens the academic achievement and future success of our children. We are legally obligated to report a student for truancy once that student reaches 10 invalid.
Parent Explained Absences - "Explained absences are absences that are explained by the parent so that the school knows where the student is. Explained absences differ from excused absences for legal reasons. An explained absence can become excused when proper legal documentation is provided."
Truancy - Students will be allowed no more than 10 days absent during a semester. When students exceed 10 days absent, they may receive a short-term suspension from school until parents and student meet with the Principal or designee to develop an educational plan. Students absent for more than 10 days in a semester will be reported to the CISD for truancy. Senior students with 10 or more absences will not be allowed to participate in commencement.

Absence codes that WILL be reported for truancy:
U = Unexcused absence 
 A = Parent explained
 S = Out of school suspension
 T = Tardy

Absence codes that WILL NOT be reported for truancy:
 C = College Visit
 F = Family emergency/Religious/Funeral
 H = Homebound/Hospital
 I = In School Suspension
 L = Legal/Court
 M = Medical/Dental/FMLA . Must have a signed note from the doctor.
 N = Nurse/Office
 R = School related
 V = Vacation days.  Must be approved 2 weeks prior. Forms are available in the office.

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